What is RFT?
RFT is Rank Finance Token. RFT Can be staked to mine more RFT in a DeFI platform. RFT only can be purchased with Rank Token.

Users can stake RFT at 25% APR. Completely flexible Staking, Stake anytime, and withdraw anytime.

RFT total supply is only 50k. Extra tokens can not be created. 25k RFT will be locked in the smart contract. only can be obtained by staking RFT.

RFT value depends on Rank Platform.  Because RFT Only can be obtained by Rank/RFT itself.

More options like swap, liquidity pool, etc will be added in the future.

RFT will be listed on the exchanges after 15k RFT in the circulation or 6 months later.

Difference RFT And Rank?
RFT works on the Staking method while Rank works on the burning method.